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Digital Billboards

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The latest innovation in outdoor advertising brings to billboards the performance of computer monitors. These units are composed of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) that are capable of either full motion video (a television commercial without sound) or static motion video (the advertisement changes every six to eight seconds). The benefit of these units is that the advertiser can change their message at a moments notice, and usually without charge. As an example, a football team can advertise who they are playing three days before the game, the results of the game on game day, and then who they are playing next.

Digital Billboards

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ID Location Illumination Face Read Size
I-4 Polk WF 1 Interstate 4, 13 Miles East of Exit 41YesWestEast14' x 48'
I-4 Polk WF 1 Interstate 4, 13 Miles East of Exit 41YesEastWest14' x 48'

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